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We offer high quality work at a competitive price

Halloran Tile and Marble, LLC prides itself on quality workmanship exceeding our customers expectations time after time. We bring commitment to excellence on every job from small repair work to high end marble installations requiring attention to intricate layouts and details.

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Bathrooms & Powder Rooms

From grand Master Bathrooms with marble shower walls with decorative scroll and cubbies, marble tub decks, backsplashes and vanity tops, to simple and elegant Powder Rooms with lighted marble niches and chair rail. Attention to detail and professional installation make all the difference.

Kitchens & Backsplashes

This collection of photos shows some kitchen marble and wall and floor tiling, including kitchen counter backsplashes.

Basements, Hallways, and other miscellaneous Floors

Some examples of our work on tiled floors in foyers, basements, hallways and other locations. Some projects included border tiles, rounded edges and/or complicated tiling patterns:

Straight lay (the simplest tile pattern, but showcases the tile)
Diagonal (Tiles are set on a 45-degree angle. It add a little interest and makes the floor feel expansive)
Running bond(This basic layout is also called a brick or offset pattern. The tiles are offset by half the width of the tile)
Checkerboard (Two colors of square tiles alternate to create this pattern. They can be set straight or on the diagonal)
Diagonal with dots (Large tiles are notched at regular intervals with smaller accent tiles)
Pinwheel / Hopscotch (a small square tile is surrounded by four larger ones)
Basketweave (squares and rectangles create a woven effect)
Modular (Three or more different-sized tiles are used to form a pattern)
Herringbone (tiles are laid at intersecting, opposite angles to give a sophisitcated look)
Windmill (square tile surrounded by four rectangles. Gives a grid of dots effect).

Foyers and mudrooms

Foyers with the elegance of marble. Mudrooms with the durability and style of tumbled marble and Porcelain tile

Repairs, Regrouts and Tile preparations

In this Gallery you will see pictures of old tile jobs that were made to look like new again. There are also examples of floor preparations. Hardibacker is a waterproof underlayment used when moisture may be a concern. Ditra is a waterproof membrane which is also used to prevent tile from cracking where floor movement may be a concern. We also specialize in cement mud floors where leveling is necessary.


Fireplace surrounds with a modern style of glass to a traditional look with stone tiles or granite slabs

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